Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cinderella | Fairytale Series | Editorial Photographer | Redlands

Continuing on with my Fairytale series and it was time to do Cinderella! My cousin, Emily, was the perfect pick for the role of the shoeless, run away princess. My mother did her hair, I did her make up, she borrowed my old homecoming dress and shoes I wore to my sisters wedding, and she seriously became the character. We spent the whole time running around Redlands University and had so much fun. Here's some of the pics! :)

You can break the rules like exposure if you do it the right way for the right picture :)

So Old Hollywood!

Cinderella's got sass!

West Wedding

The fact that they have been together so long, and don't really like the fuss, a sick mother, and a set moving date made the engagement less than a month. It also made it a very sweet moment to be a part of. Congratulations Walter and Jessica!

Such a sweet moment :)

Here comes the Bride!

Intimate ceremony

I was so proud I got them to take at least a couple shots :)

Shaver Families

Shaver Fun

My family goes to Shaver Lake every year. It's the best tradition because we just hang out on the lake all day every day. I love my family!